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Powerful Stakeholder Insights

A key tenet of KJT’s Insight by Design approach is user centricity. It is important to holistically understand your stakeholder – whether it is a patient who can potentially be prescribed to your product, a physician or nurse practitioner who might write a prescription, or the numerous other influencers who directly and indirectly impact your product experience. Here’s how KJT can help you reveal insights from your stakeholders:

  • Patient Chart Review
    Gain real-world evidence that illuminates how providers are using your asset, providing data to inform your strategy for protecting, or enhancing use, of your asset.

  • In-office Dialogue
    Capture an in-the-moment view of what providers and patients say (and what they DON’T say) to understand the gaps in care you can address, as well as where your asset comes into the conversation.

  • Patient Communities
    Create a symbiotic environment that provides patients with a safe space to share their experiences, needs, and preferences, leading to a deeper understanding of the patient journey and how your offering may improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

  • Digital Ethnography
    Join patients on an extended journey to gather rich and detailed information about their lives and experiences to foster a deeper understanding of your customer base and implement impactful solutions.

  • User Experience (UX)
    You know your asset will be well received in theory, but what about in practice? Before launch, ensure you know how your stakeholders will interact with your product to avoid sub-par experiences.

  • Influencer Identification
    An innovative approach to KOL Mapping that helps you forge relationships by identifying who the traditional and nontraditional experts are in your therapeutic area.

  • Integrated Patient Mapping
    Fully understand the progression of patient experiences throughout their journey, from initial symptoms to treatment and beyond, resulting in dynamic insights that can be published to elevate credibility in the scientific community.

  • Prescribing Journey
    Illuminate exactly how prescribers make decisions, providing insights to ensure your asset is top of mind in the future.

  • Buying Process
    Better understand how your customers make buying decisions, and the competitive context that influences them, to improve adoption of your asset.

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