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Integrated Patient Mapping

Obtaining a holistic understanding of patient’s real-world experience, and incorporating their voice into your planning, has never been more important. With the FDA’s recent emphasis on patient-focused drug development,[1] failing to incorporate patient experience data creates a hurdle for product approval. Unfortunately, this data is not readily available, and the process to fulfill these requirements is not clear.

Additionally, a systematic review of evidence from 55 studies has documented positive associations between patient experience and patient safety and clinical effectiveness – including self-rated and objectives measures of health outcomes, treatment adherence and more. However, there are aspects of patient experience that transcend experiences directly associated with a specific treatment, and instead involve factors like the quality of support, HCP relationships, care coordination and more.[2] This further emphasizes the importance of having a thorough understanding of real-world patient experiences (particularly where they already fall short) as early as possible in the development process.

Integrated Patient Mapping is KJT’s solution to help you uncover these insights, by allowing you to walk alongside patients and understand how they navigate their healthcare reality. KJT has been conducting this research on behalf of our life sciences partners for many years, uncovering insights that provide a holistic understanding of the patient journey (from symptom onset all the way to treatment and on-going management) and illuminate the key gaps and opportunities.

But what is it exactly?

KJT’s unique solution is executed by a multi-disciplinary team to ensure delivery of comprehensive and dynamic insights across every phase of the engagement.  Past success from KJT’s employee-owners is used to conduct this research, along with well-accepted models and frameworks (such as the Andersen Behavioral Model, the Chronic Care Model and Social Determinants of Health), to design research that obtains a holistic and thorough view of patients’ experiences by accounting for the demographic, social, emotional, and societal factors impacting care.

KJT’s clients have leveraged Integrated Patient Mapping insights beyond publication in a variety of ways:

  • Validate the product development opportunity
  • Develop solutions to augment patient flow (i.e., tool to help shorten time to diagnosis, resources to help patients self-advocate)
  • Identify guidelines that will be critical to influence (or become a part of)
  • Identify key influencers for clinical trial and/or launch planning, as well as opportunities for partnerships and advocacy
  • Identify barriers that could impact product use and develop solutions before launch
  • Determine best ways to connect with patients if using DTC advertising, along with development of marketing materials
  • Augment existing resources/support/training based on journey challenges that persist after product launch
  • And more…

How can you learn more about how KJT can help you?

Integrated Patient Mapping is an incredibly effective solution to build a holistic understanding of the patient experience, revealing how you can positively impact patients AND ensure a successful product launch. ​Have a question, want to learn more, or just want to say hello? We’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.