Get More Value from Your KOL Mapping Process

As the world continues to evolve with a heavier reliance on social media and other forms of communication, the traditional Key Opinion Leader (KOL) role has evolved as well. KJT has developed a new approach to Influencer Identification and Profiling that expands upon the traditional process of KOL Mapping – in order to provide clients with a broader KOL purview, while helping them build a more diverse database of thought leaders and influencers that can be engaged in a variety of ways.

Actionable Insights Mapping – A New Approach to KOL Mapping

Check out KJT’s recorded presentation from the Intellus Worldwide Summit 2022, describing our new approach to identifying and engaging a broader spectrum of influencers in a nascent therapy space.



Case Study
Find out more about how KJT can help you leverage both traditional and up-and-coming influencers, including multiple stakeholders across your organization. This case study illustrates the first steps of identifying key stakeholders in a new space, starting with the definition of a ‘KOL,’ allowing for a more individualized and updated approach to influencer identification.

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