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Patient Chart Review: Real-world Patient Data That Connects The Dots Between Perception and Reality

The importance of real-world data (RWD) cannot be understated – it is a critical component of post-marketing surveillance and its use in pre-launch regulatory approvals is increasing with the FDA’s heightened emphasis on patient-focused drug development. The medical affairs use case for RWD is clear, but what about the use case for the commercial side of a pharmaceutical company?  

The simple answer: it’s an incredible tool for developing more effective sales and marketing strategies. The insights from RWD are even more powerful when paired with primary research with the healthcare providers who are the key to product uptake.  

Ultimately, this type of research effort helps pharmaceutical manufacturers capitalize on opportunities, identify the barriers to overcome, and bridge gaps in their secondary data, answering critical questions such as:  

KJT enables clients to gain insights like these through Patient Chart Review, where retrospective data is extracted from patient medical records (through a custom digital form) and is coupled with an online survey to ensure you get a full view of provider perceptions and their real-world care practices. This approach enhances data accuracy by minimizing the impact of recall issues, provides more granularity than a “typical patient” survey approach, and is an efficient way to collect a wealth of data. As appropriate, qualitative interviews are also included to explore the deeper “whys” and illuminate reasons for atypical care experiences.  

Ultimately, marrying individual level patient data with broader assessments of providers’ practice habits and perceptions provides a richer and more holistic assessment of the treatment landscape.  

This research approach is also beneficial when developing forecast models – utilizing multiple data sources ensures a more accurate and robust picture of a market. Estimates of market share, uptake timing, size of relevant patient populations, likelihood of product switching, etc. can certainly be gathered as part of a survey, but patient chart data can provide more accuracy and reliability for these important inputs, as well as enable measurement of inputs such as dosing frequency and strength – all of which may be critical components of the base layer of your forecast model’s estimate of product use. In markets where secondary prescribing data is difficult to obtain, this integration is even more valuable for projecting sample HCP prescribing behavior to a larger population. 

Ultimately, KJT combines the data sourced from this research with custom advanced analytics to marry the survey and chart data together and turn it into a model of the real-world patterns of disease progression, diagnosis, and treatment. This illuminates how providers help their patients (as unique individuals), their higher-level approach to care, as well as the care gaps that exist.  

How can you learn more about how KJT can help you? 

Patient Chart Review is an efficient and effective way to ensure you have a full understanding of the patient care landscape that could impact your product through real-world evidence generation. KJT has a wealth of experience conducting digital patient chart reviews that support clients’ need for real-world evidence.  

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