When it comes to investing in insights, you want the highest value that comes from the simplest and most effective methods. That means good research design. At KJT, our Insight by Design process applies five design-thinking principles to the research process (adapted from Stickdorn and Schneider’s ‘This is Service Design Thinking’).

This formal structure ensures we’re identifying and defining research goals collaboratively alongside our client partners, while applying research techniques that result in the most holistic, and actionable insights.


Our first objective is to understand the context within which you plan to use the data and insights KJT provides. We then work with your team to identify and specify your goals and requirements for the project. These are at the heart of our engagement as we develop our design and provide meaningful recommendations.


We rely on active listening and open communication as the foundation of our collaborative partnerships. This promotes clarity, confidence and alignment across teams throughout all phases of a project. We engage with our clients as co-creators and co-owners of solutions that all key stakeholders have bought into and are ready to action against, once delivered.


Our skilled researchers can simultaneously see the bigger picture as well as the detail, helping to inform your strategy, while executing on your highest priority initiatives. They put problems into context through a rigorous discovery process. With an eye toward the broader market, our team finds new ways to address unmet needs and achieve goals.


To align expectations, KJT illustrates our approach every step of the way, building confidence and fostering trust that results in better outcomes. We help you communicate the intangible experiences and elements of each research engagement through the use of pictures, graphs and imagery. Our approach allows your stakeholders to align quickly on critical decisions and next steps.


Our stage-gate approach ensures we remain focused on your objectives, which has proven itself to lead to better outcomes for our clients. Our insight assurance process allows us to remain diligent and agile. This ensures we provide high quality insights while allowing us to pivot methodologies, if necessary, as we progress through the research process.

Service Design Principles

Research doesn’t have to be hard! When the right design, processes and people are in place, meaningful insight is within reach. Check out this short video which describes the Insight by Design experience, and how this structured approach sets up a straightforward pathway to the information you need most: