Commercial Solutions

Evaluate Brand and Marketing Effectiveness

Product positioning and promotion are critical to optimizing your brand’s success. Ensure your brand positioning, messages and creative resonate with your key stakeholders, while finding the right stakeholder through the right communication channel.

  • Brand/Corporate Positioning
    Better understand how your asset stacks up against the competition and allow insight to inform how you navigate your markets’ dynamics to optimize uptake.

  • Message/Concept/Story Flow Optimization
    Optimize your marketing efforts by ensuring your messages resonate, your ads have stopping power and your story flow is motivational to the customers who matter most.

  • Claims Substantiation
    Elevate the reputation of your brand and organization by collecting evidence that can support publicly released claims.

  • Segmentation & Personas
    Segment a broad market to focus on your ideal audience and tailor messages to garner brand trial and loyalty. Then, KJT can support your company by engraining these transformational insights into the fabric of your sales and marketing teams.

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