Michaela Gascon Named President and COO of KJT Group

KJT Group announces its founder and CEO, Dr. Kenneth J. Tomaszewski, has stepped down as the company President, after 13 years, and will be replaced by the current Chief Operating Officer, Michaela Gascon, MBA, who has been promoted to President and COO. Dr. Tomaszewski will remain CEO and Board Chair, aligning with his continued interests and strengths including strategic planning, communications, policy and company culture.

In her new and expanded role, Michaela will be responsible for overall business operation.  Mrs. Gascon continues with her reporting structure as COO and now adds Dr. Tomaszewski’s direct reports. As the second longest tenured employee (behind only Dr. Tomaszewski), Michaela has managed all aspects of KJT Group since its inception, and “her growth across those domains has been impressive” says Dr. Tomaszewski.

“Entering into our 100% employee-owned world this past August, we knew things would change.  My role as President would eventually be passed along to our next generation of leaders.  Michaela’s strengths and experience as COO make her well prepared to further enhance our operational excellence.  Our Board, executive team and operating committees have actively sought to drive the company culture and business model towards these transitions, through strategic planning.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue leading the group, albeit in a slightly different manner, ever confident in Michaela, and excited to see our continued growth” said Dr. Tomaszewski.