KJT Group Panel is Now the ClinicalVoice Community

For the past 8 years, KJT Group Research Panel members have been providing insights and recommendations to our clients, shaping the healthcare industry. In an effort to improve this collaborative effort, we are pleased to announce the KJT Group Research Panel is now the ClinicalVoice Community. KJT Group will continue to manage this community and we believe the new name better represents our members’ contribution, and our goal of making them feel part of a network that provides critical insights to our healthcare clients.

“We recognize how instrumental our community is in providing thoughtful insights on the various healthcare questions we research.  As we launch into the next phase of growth and validation of the ClinicalVoice Community, we anticipate this will improve on the already strong engagement with our members,” said Michaela Gascon, Chief Operating Officer.

The ClinicalVoice Community is currently comprised of over 10,000 clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals, spanning a multitude of specialties and roles within the U.S. healthcare system. KJT Group leverages the ClinicalVoice Community on a variety of studies to provide expert input into topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • Interest in and feedback on currently available and new products and services
  • Exploring clinical protocols
  • Understanding healthcare decision-making
  • Awareness of market events and treatment options

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the ClinicalVoice Community, please visit our ClinicalVoice Community page or contact us at