KJT Group is Poised to Elevate your Virtual Meetings

Welcome to ConsensusIQ! The KJT Group time tested solution for productive collaboration, facilitated by practiced researchers. We are experts at helping you get the most out of your valuable time together with your colleagues and other stakeholders.

Given the increase in remote meetings, ConsensusIQ and our team of experts can facilitate co-creation anywhere your imagination takes you. A key feature that makes our approach with ConsensusIQ most impactful is that participants can provide feedback anonymously, which helps you gain better consensus unfettered by hierarchy and strong personalities that can derail collaboration.

While the applications for ConsensusIQ are endless, we have found these to be especially beneficial:

  • Advisory Boards [KOLs, Advocacy groups, Patients/Caregivers]
  • Internal Brand Planning Meetings
  • Design and activation of segmentation research
  • Training meetings [salesforce, marketing]
  • Workshops for messaging and positioning with your agency
  • Internal team collaborative meetings to gain alignment on next steps

“Before business protocols and life changed in recent months, ConsensusIQ was celebrated by our clients since it helped their teams effectively work through strategic marketing engagements. While it is an excellent tool for in-person meeting facilitation, the technology also allows us to optimize engagement of multiple stakeholders in a remote work setting. In recent weeks, it really has been a gamechanger and we efficiently brainstormed and built consensus for teams across the globe. I am excited about the potential ConsensusIQ has to help more of our clients achieve better outcomes for their virtual meetings”, said Michaela Gascon, President/COO of KJT Group.

Reach out if you’re interested in learning more!