KJT Group CEO Featured in Rochester Business Journal

KJT Group Founder and CEO, Kenneth Tomaszewski, MS, PhD, is featured in the Rochester Business Journal. The article sheds light on Dr. Tomaszewski, and the company he leads into its 13th year.

KJT Group, a design thinking market research and consulting firm, is located in a historical building in Honeoye Falls, NY, which characterizes the company and Dr. Tomaszewski – not your typical research firm nor leader.

Dr. Tomaszewski founded KJT Group in 2007 as a market research firm dedicated to serving healthcare organizations. KJT Group designs primary research (surveys, interviews, etc.) that informs conclusions and recommendations for clients’ business questions; mostly in the pre-launch phase, for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and health services organizations. Secondary offerings include meta-analysis, the preparation of data for public release, and writing of peer-review journals.

KJT Group stands out from the competition in many ways – it’s tagline – Insight by Design – pays tribute to its distinctive process. Insight by Design is grounded in service design thinking, and is tailored for insight generation. It’s a holistic, co-creative process that puts the focus on the client and their end goals. Dedicated teams work with each client and an evidenced, stage-gate approach ensures all business questions are addressed, building confidence in recommendations.

In the past three months, KJT Group made several announcements:

  • KJT Group is now 100% employee owned – finishing Dr. Tomaszewski’s initial efforts to avoid KJT Group becoming acquired by an unfavorable corporate entity, he sold his remaining company shares to the ESOP (September 2019).
  • Mark Antonacci joins as Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations – an effective business manager with decades of experience now leads the client development and marketing functions (January 2020).
  • Michaela Gascon named as President and COO – as part of his succession plan, Dr. Tomaszewski stepped down as President. Gascon replaces him, retaining her position of COO as well (January 2020).

Going forward, KJT Group remains focused on Insight by Design, selling relationships rather than a product, and the company’s employee ownership culture.

“Our people are the most valuable assets we have. If the people aren’t jazzed about what they’re doing it just doesn’t work as well and people leave. Having everyone retained and happy and pulling in the same direction is key,” says Dr. Tomaszewski.


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