KJT Celebrates 15 Years of Success

This month KJT is proud to celebrate 15 years of incorporation as an evidence-based consulting firm focused on healthcare. Since 2007, KJT has helped transform and empower its clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and medical service industries through evidence, insight and collaboration. Today, KJT employs over 60 full-time staff across the United States and is 100% employee owned.

“From the very beginning, KJT set itself apart through a holistic approach to market research vs. the siloed model used by many big firms – wherein researchers only touch their individual components of a project, never gaining the full view of a client’s business, marketplace dynamics, problems and/or opportunities,” said President and CEO, Michaela Gascon.

According to Gascon, the hands-on experts at KJT manage projects from start-to-finish, building long lasting partnerships with their clients in order to capture the most actionable insights that enable innovative solutions to a wide variety of business needs.

Gascon credits founder, Dr. Kenneth J. Tomaszewski, who remains Chairman of the KJT Board, for plotting the company’s course and enabling its ongoing success. “Ken’s original vision continues to influence KJT’s unique culture and values, which are crucial in producing great business outcomes for our clients. In 2019, we were able to achieve one of his primary objectives by selling 100% of the company to its employees, becoming an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, and enabling our people to become financial participants in KJT’s long-term success,” said Gascon.

“As an employee-owned company, every team member thinks like a leader, which enables more innovative problem-solving and overall continuous improvement across the business,” she added. “The ESOP itself creates a very tangible return on employees’ hard work, which leads to a highly motivated workforce. That in turn improves our organizational performance, which positively affects the company’s earnings – ultimately contributing to a higher balance in employee ESOP accounts. KJT’s success is our employees’ success.”

In addition to being 100% employee owned, KJT’s corporate culture is consistently recognized with prestigious workplace awards. In 2021, KJT was named a Great Place to Work-Certified® company – as well as having its workplace wellness program (Wellness by Design) recognized for the third time by the Rochester Business Journal. In addition, KJT was named one of Rochester’s 2021 Top Workplaces last year by the Democrat & Chronicle (D&C). In recognition of its support of leadership opportunities for women, KJT was also named a finalist last year by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and its Women’s Council affiliate for the ATHENA International Organizational Award®.

“We thank Ken, our board, our colleagues, customers and partners for helping to make KJT the company it is today. Since 2007, KJT has nurtured its unique culture and business model in order to best serve our clients within the healthcare industry. Our diverse, expert staff remains committed to providing the critical data and insights they need to negotiate the increasingly complex healthcare landscape – while at the same time enhancing the patient experience and ensuring that all voices are adequately represented as the industry continues to grow and evolve.”