Introducing Apex Ops Group

KJT Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Apex Ops Group. Starting in 2008 as part of KJT Group, Apex Ops Group has been the operational center for KJT Group, fulfilling all sampling, survey programming, recruitment, data collection, and data processing needs. This transcends strategic (often complex) market research through peer-reviewed protocols and projects. Apex Ops Group is now offering their expertise and experience to support other companies’ market research operational needs.

Supporting and enhancing innovation and actionable insights through trusted, flexible, and co-creative processes, Apex Ops Group’s engagements range from quick turnaround qualitative recruiting through global quantitative studies. From data collection and recruitment to delivery, Apex Ops Group is differentiated by their quality assurance process that ensures 1) well defined protocols, 2) reliable (US-based) project management, and 3) truly experienced and responsive staff.

“While often overlooked in terms of its importance, high quality research operations are actually a critical success factor in industry research,” said KJT Group President and CEO, Dr. Kenneth J. Tomaszewski, PhD, MS. “Quality and value really define Apex. It would be very hard to replicate this level of custom service and value, all from a US-based team. Manufacturers seeking DIY research solutions or smaller shops that lack internal resources are really expected to benefit from the Apex model.”