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Mental Health and Me

I have anxiety and depression for which I take medication. I have a mental health condition. 

I’m not trying to dig into anyone’s healthcare, but I honestly believe that we have a shot at reducing the stigma attached to mental health care if more people just publicly (or privately) admitted to it. 

We have a mental health crisis in the United States, and we can (and must) take steps to improve it.  

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 1 in 4 people worldwide will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives. 
  • A 2020 report by Mental Health America (MHA) report estimated that approximately 44.8 million adults and 11.2 million youth in the U.S. experienced a mental health condition in 2020. 
  • The COVID pandemic had a significant impact on mental health, with more people experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

I believe our acknowledgement can help others who feel alone, judged, and confused take the step to getting help. 

  • Help them see they are NOT alone. 
  • Make them understand that judgment is a shortcoming of the one doing the judging and what they think does not matter. 
  • Help them know it’s OK to be confused, scared, and anxious about how they are feeling. 
  • And finally, explain that taking care of mental health is as important as physical health. 

For me, acknowledging and seeking help for how I was feeling was the first step. Trusting that I deserved to and could feel better was the second. The third was being compliant in taking my medication. I feel more like myself when I’m on my medication than off. 

In retrospect, I am positive I needed help long before I finally admitted I needed help. And it makes me sad to recall the time I wasted being a mess. Time I lost to be a better wife, mom, friend. Ugh. 

Medication may not be the answer for you. Your journey will be your journey. But I can almost guarantee that if you think you may need mental health help, you’ll feel better if you get it. And if you closely know someone else who may need it, have that conversation.  

You may not want to indicate your mental health status here and I get that, it’s perfectly fine. But I highly encourage you to mention it to someone you see struggling. They WILL be glad to know they are not alone.  

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