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Medical Communications at KJT: A Growing Strategic Focus

While Medical Communications work has been an offering at KJT since the company was founded in 2007, it has increasingly moved to the forefront of our core capabilities over the last several years. Alignment between cross-functional data collection and communication of the data through a consistent and cohesive publication strategy is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical and the life sciences industries.

Our Medical Communications capabilities have grown organically and intentionally, as a natural extension of our core data/insights collection. There is an emerging trend where data collection and communication are executed together as the landscape for product launches becomes increasingly complex: products are more sophisticated, data is collected across the product lifecycle, and there is a diverse range of target stakeholders. Consequently, publication strategy is evolving to support cross-functional communication initiatives in building complex clinical and economic value propositions.

Additionally, companies are increasingly understanding the value of conducting and publishing Real World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) to further communicate experiences with their products once they enter and mature in the market.

The Origin Story

KJT’s Medical Communications capabilities grew out of our academic rigor, which is at the heart of the KJT brand. Our Insight by Design principles are the foundation guiding the co-creative process across all KJT projects.

When Ken Tomaszewski founded KJT in 2007, he recognized the value of the data being generated through the research process and recommended our clients publish some of the research findings to be leveraged in new and different ways outside their organizations. Ken recognized that sharing well designed and executed primary research externally ultimately helps improve healthcare and patient outcomes.

Over the years, KJT’s support of peer-reviewed manuscript development continued and requests for our support grew. Medical Communications became a distinct offering at KJT, where we provide medical writing support for publications based on data from research conducted by KJT as well as research conducted by our clients (primary or secondary) or other research organizations. Our success reflects the trust and relationships we built with those clients. Our Medical Communications practice has evolved to a point where we are partnering with our clients in developing publication strategies that support cross-functional needs.

Forward-Thinking Publication Planning

As the landscape for pharmaceutical and medical device products becomes more complex, the range of stakeholders who will be engaging with publications and other content has also become more complex. The focus is no longer solely on clinicians, but has expanded to include patients, patient advocacy groups, payers, healthcare decision makers within health systems, and many others. Consequently, the types of publications and the way publications are being executed is becoming more sophisticated to meet the needs of each of these stakeholders. Busy clinicians are looking to engage with easily digestible digital enhancements such as video or graphical abstracts. Patient communication has risen as a priority for all with plain language summaries providing clear, easy to understand descriptions of complex clinical studies. Plain language summaries also provide a health literacy bridge providing accessible language for clinicians to use in engaging with their patients.

The types of publications have also expanded. The core clinical trial publications remain but are enhanced by market shaping such as patient journey mapping early in the clinical development process. As well as RWE and HEOR publications building the story around the economic value proposition for a product, quality of life considerations, and the impact of social determinants of health.

Partnering with KJT

KJT’s RWE and HEOR experience is a key differentiator. We are able to evaluate and utilize complex data, translating it into cohesive and consistent communication including peer-reviewed publications, publication extenders, conference presentations, patient communication and more!

At KJT, we work closely with our clients as consultative advisors in co-creating a consistent and cohesive publication strategy that aligns what should be communicated and to whom. We are flexible partners and have engaged early in product development (prior to clinical trial initiation) as well as providing support for mature product portfolios. With new engagements, we start by asking, ‘Where are you in the product lifecycle? And, what’s your current publication strategy? Can you achieve your goals exclusively through clinical and/or peer reviewed publications – or should we expand into non-traditional spaces?’

We consider ourselves to be your megaphone. We’re here to get you as much mileage as possible from your data, as we work together to build a value proposition for your products.