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Creating Impactful Communications

As an academically grounded research company, we understand communications. Our team of expert publication specialists research and provide insights, formulate informed recommendations, and execute plans to support patients and inform the healthcare community.

KJT has expansive therapeutic area expertise, in-depth medical and scientific experience, and CMPP experts to advise, guide, and inform communication recommendations.

Strategic Publications Planning
Our team of experts co-create a comprehensive publications plan with you that is grounded in science, supported by strategy, and executed over time to inform the healthcare community.
Congress Abstracts/Posters
We help your investigators, researchers and experts select, plan, prepare and submit information to global, national, and local congresses. Our team knows how to visualize complex data to ensure appropriate interpretation.
Peer-reviewed Publications
Most of our manuscripts link to primary data sets, though our team has broader experience publishing secondary data, reviews, and case series to name a few. We follow and abide by generally accepted guidelines (such as GPP 2022) for publishing research.
Publication Extenders
We develop many types of publication extenders to reach your healthcare audiences and stakeholders. Our design team knows how to visually represent data in an impactful way through multiple mediums. Let’s start taking research further. Together.


Leaders in Co-Creation

A critical component of any communications program is effective collaboration. KJT is an expert in co-creation, presenting and facilitating groups of disparate stakeholders involving our clients, expert opinion leaders, investigators, patients, advocates, and caregivers, when and where needed. We develop, lead, and facilitate steering committees that review and validate communication plans that resonate across the healthcare ecosystem. This skill set also serves stakeholders well in eliciting impactful insights that inform broader development and communication opportunities.

Let's Start Taking Research Further. Together.

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