Living Our Values

Collaboratively developed out of our desire to make KJT a sustainable and great place to work, our Core Values are lived and experienced in all we do. They are an integral part of who we are as a company, and how we achieve our Mission and Vision. We recognize these values in one another and understand how they enable us to grow together and provide the best service possible to our clients.

Conscientiously seeking equilibrium amidst life’s constant change


Graciously and actively acknowledging one another

Mutual Respect

Actively facilitating everyone so they are positioned for success


Understanding things from others’ point of view


Ethically behaving and communicating


Being aware of one’s situation


Seeking continuous, positive growth

Ever Better


According to KJT’s Social and Wellness by Design Committee Chairs, Sean Falzarano and Andrea Stoltz, respectively, the company culture has always been geared toward balance and wellness, which lends itself naturally to community support. In recent years, both Committees have worked to make participation and support of community activities easier and more consistent:

Sean: When I joined the company in 2018, KJT was supporting community-based initiatives – but they were more opportunistic at the time. When the company’s Wellness Committee came on-line that same year, the focus of our community service became more aligned with our company values. We implemented criteria for selecting community support initiatives, and we organized one of our first large-group, participatory activities, which was volunteering at the Rotary Club Sunshine Camp to help them clean up the campus. From a Social Committee perspective, this kind of event helps us connect outside of work. We’re an outdoorsy group, so everyone enjoys working out in the fresh air, while supporting a great cause.

Andrea: The selection criteria has changed a bit since they were first implemented. We used to focus on local community support activities. However, more than half of our employees are now located outside of KJT’s Rochester headquarters, and with COVID separating us even further, the definition of ‘local’ now means something different. This past October, we encouraged people to volunteer in support of something meaningful to them, with the option of working directly within their own local communities. Employees lent their time and talent to a variety of different causes including the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Rochester, doing a fall closet clean-out and donating to Goodwill, and spending time at a local food pantry. We share our ideas and experiences on a Teams channel to encourage and inspire others.

This time of year, we traditionally support Rochester-based food drives. In the ongoing COVID environment, we won’t be attending packing events in person, but rather donating funds to the Small Business Council of Rochester to pay for holiday food boxes.

Sean: Throughout 2020, it was difficult to get together physically for in-person volunteering opportunities, so this year it’s been nice to take advantage of a few, outdoor activities such as the annual charity golf tournament to support Volunteers of America. From a Social Committee standpoint, it’s always a win when we can get together and have fun, while contributing to the community. For KJT, it’s not just a check-writing exercise. Every time we poll our employees, they say they want to participate in more volunteer opportunities.

Andrea: Volunteering is very aligned to the Wellness Committee’s charter, which is to nurture and support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees. A great way to lift our own spirits and to find balance in our own lives is to take care of others. It’s so beneficial to find meaningful, personal connections that increase our awareness of the world around us – and this fits with the KJT core values of Mindfulness, Empowerment and Ever Better.

Sean: In the future, we would like to offer more volunteer opportunities for employees…maybe once per quarter, depending on everyone’s bandwidth and ability to participate. We also want to make sure there are a diversity of options available to choose from, so people are able to find different ways to contribute to causes most meaningful to them especially since the company has grown to represent so many communities across the country.

Andrea: We will continue to look for ways to address the needs of the communities around us that also promote the wellness of our people and their connectivity with one another. Having the full support of senior management and enthusiastic participation across the company makes volunteering events unique ways for KJTers to give back, work with each other, and maybe even try something new!