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A few weeks ago, I commented on a LinkedIn post about my experiences working at two vastly different companies. Writing that comment recalled memories that were hard to sort through. But in doing so it’s given me a whole new appreciation for the Core Values that KJT lives by.

A few colleagues also read that post and my comment, and it started an internal conversation on how important KJT’s Core Values are to our employee-owners. Our Core Values aren’t just words. And honestly, they don’t just apply to KJT, they apply to life (yes, I know that sounds corny, but sometimes corny applies).

Here’s KJT’s core values:

  • Balance
  • Mutual Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Mindfulness
  • Ever Better

I must admit, when I came to KJT and saw these core values, I was like who can do all that? It seems like a big ask; but it’s really not. Think about who you are and what you want and how you want to be treated, both personally and professionally. Suddenly, these start to make sense. It’s how we SHOULD treat others, and ourselves.

Still, there are a few that hit home stronger for me: Mutual Respect and Empowerment. These are wrapped up in my self-confidence. I found that when I am not treated respectfully or my power is continually chipped away at, my self-confidence plummets. And just before I came to KJT, it hit rock bottom. When I came to KJT, I put on a brave face every day, acting strong and self-assured, but really, inside, I was still struggling to be that person I once was. I was doing “my job” but I wasn’t being me. It’s hard to fake self-confidence for long when you are surrounded by people who live by (not just work by) those values. But they worked alongside me, quietly letting me heal at my own pace, almost without me knowing it. Before I knew it, I was seeing glimpses of that old me shining through. It felt good. It felt promising.

KJT is one of these companies that definitely walks the walk. The people are amazing. They are encouraging not because they must, but because that’s who they are. The same holds true for understanding, belief, trust, respect. I’ve never seen a place with so many genuine people grouped together. My colleagues don’t have to be this way to “do their job.” But again, it’s who they are. Now imagine the output of people who are wildly smart AND genuine humans. Wow. On paper it sounds like “BS”. But I live it every day, so I know it’s not. Of course, we have rough spots and conflict but the approach and resolution to conflict and rough spots is paved with our Core Values.

I’m thankful every day I landed at KJT. Maybe they saw a glimmer of the old me in my resume of skills. Maybe they heard it in my voice. I’m so glad they did. Our work is awesome, our people are more awesome.

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