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How KJT Attracts and Retains World-Class Research Talent

In the KJT presentation titled: Actionable Insights Mapping – A New Approach to KOL Mapping, MJ Mazur, VP of Solutions Consulting and Andrea Stoltz, VP of Research describe a new approach they developed to identify and engage a broader spectrum of influencers in a nascent therapy space.

According to Tim Brewer, VP of Strategic Accounts, MJ and Andrea’s work around KOL mapping is a great example of KJT’s talented and creative pool of researchers across the organization.

“Research is a knowledge-based sector,” said Tim. “The value any agency brings is in the talent it employs. If you employ better talent, you are providing best-in-class insights to your clients.”

“At KJT, we strive to be a destination employer, attracting and retaining the very best research talent – whether they’re based in our Rochester, NY location or working virtually from home offices across the U.S. We’re proud to have increased KJT’s staff over the last 18 months from 47 to 65 (a growth of 38%!) with a majority of those new employees now located outside the company’s headquarters.”

Learn more about Tim and his thoughts on what makes KJT so unique:

Tim’s KJT Journey: “I joined KJT nine years ago, which was quite a left turn from my original career path in local radio and television. At that time, I was a featured on-air voice, provided color commentary for local sports and worked in production for a variety of broadcasts. Around 2013, I decided I needed a change, so I started working my way through Rochester’s top 100 lists, looking at what companies were growing, and which ones were consistently recognized as great places to work.

I also knew someone who worked at KJT, so that helped me finagle an interview, which led to my first job here as a junior researcher. After about six years in the research, I transitioned over to the commercial team.”

Why Sales? “I always enjoyed the initial engagement with a new client – that first step in research design when you’re setting the stage for a successful outcome. Because KJT thinks very holistically about its clients, my commercial role allows me to focus on the big picture, how our research ties back to their needs and business goals, knowing the research itself will be completed with rigor and attention to detail.”

The Agency’s Roots in Academia: “Our academic approach to research is the bedrock to all we do. KJT’s Insight by Design methodology is rooted in design thinking and engineering, which delivers a much smoother experience for clients – even if we end up recommending alternative solutions or models outside the boundaries of the initial ask (depending on what the data tells us). All key stakeholders are involved at every step, helping to ensure the research is actionable and is solving problems and informing business decisions for the client.

This results in a lot of longer-term client relationships, where KJT is considered more of a business consultant than exclusively a supplier of research.”

The KJT Culture: “From the day I started, KJT has always given me a lot of room to grow and thrive. If someone here has an idea, or a recommendation on how to do something better, they are encouraged to pursue it. The culture is very open, with no politics or hidden agendas, so everyone can focus on meaningful work, to the benefit of our clients and the company.

From my own personal point of view, the PTO flexibility at KJT allows me to see my wife and kids a lot more. I have two toddlers – Hadley (3 years old) and Hayden (1 year old), so I greatly appreciate the freedom to be physically present at home, or to take off during the day for a visit to the pediatrician if I need to.

Because of our balanced work culture and our core value of “Ever Better”, we have attracted the brightest minds around. The way the brain of a truly curious and passionate researcher works is kind of unique – and you know it when you see it! KJT is a great match for staff that are intellectually curious, because we all love what we do, we’re passionate about helping our clients – and we think out of the box. That’s the KJT difference.”