Generative AI: The New Frontier for Insight Innovation

At KJT we’re committed to harnessing technology to enhance efficiency and improve insight generation for our clients. As such, we’ve been focusing on implementing generative AI into the essence of our business by:

  • Establishing a cross-functional committee to explore tech potential and watchouts
  • Initiating rigorous information security measures related to generative AI use
  • Piloting and integrating tools
  • Developing training programs (both internal and external) to elevate the use of generative AI

KJT’s goal is to stay at the forefront of generative AI tech advancements, ensuring we remain the premier partner for our clients in this ever-evolving research and healthcare landscape. Click here to learn more about KJT’s position on generative AI.

In September, you can find KJT virtually, and in-person, at the following conferences:

Mastering Prompts: A Workshop for Market Research Success

Join Dan Wasserman on 9/7 (3:00 EST) at IIEX.AI. This interactive workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to craft effective prompts and unleash the true power of Generative AI in their market research endeavors.

Dan Wasserman, Chief Operating Officer danwasserman/

Dan oversees strategic activities, IT, information security, compliance, and corporate sustainability. He has a strong background in operations management as well as primary market research, health outcomes, and health economics research. His key accomplishments include the development of KJT’s Collective Win to champion core values and the establishment of an ISO 27001 certified information security management program. He has given numerous presentations and authored publications in both health outcomes and market research.

ChatGPT, What’s all the fuss?

Join Tim Brewer on 9/13 (10:55 CEST / 4:55 EST) at the ESOMAR Congress where his presentation will explore if ChatGPT is friend or foe to the researcher.

Tim Brewer, Strategic Accounts, VP timbrewerroc/

Tim collaborates closely with clients to identify their insight needs, aligning research outcomes with broader organizational goals. His extensive experience spans pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health insurance, offering a distinctive industry perspective. As a RIVA trained moderator, he combines qualitative expertise with a strong quantitative foundation, enabling him to recommend actionable insights and research strategies that align with clients’ business objectives.

COMING SOON: Prompt Engineering Essentials: A ChatGPT Toolkit for the Insights Industry

Are you ready to learn more about prompt engineering? This course will empower you with in-depth knowledge about large language models and their practical applications in insight generation.

New to prompt engineering? Great! This course will provide you with essential techniques for effectively interacting with tools like ChatGPT.

If you already tuned in for Dan Wasserman’s workshop at IIEX.AI, or have some base knowledge, this course is still for you! We will dive deeper into specific use cases that are directly applicable to your day-to-day role, equipping you with valuable skills and strategies to enhance your work.

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