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KJT has assembled a highly qualified and diverse team of experts, representing a deep knowledge base across a range of solutions and therapeutic areas. We provide innovative, flexible solutions that illuminate your market opportunities and build confidence test your product assets.

  • Market Landscape & Sizing
    Helps you better understand your market landscape to assess your opportunities and barriers to entering a new market, and size of your opportunity.

  • Competitive Intelligence
    Before you enter a new market, ensure you have a clear sense for your competition – both what exists today and what is in development, so you are proactively prepared.

  • Unmet Needs Assessment
    Illuminate your “white space” and assess which opportunities are most valuable for you to pursue.

  • Jobs, Outcomes & Opportunities
    What outcomes are providers or others seeking in their roles? And why should you care? Tells you exactly how you can better meet their needs and inform your product development plan for years to come.

  • Product/Service Concept Testing
    Maximize your ROI by pressure testing whether your asset meets the needs of your customers, illuminating a path for improvement and compelling positioning.

  • Value Proposition
    Develop, refine, or validate the value proposition to ensure receptivity and clear understanding of your value to customers; creating the backbone for your messaging and communications platform.

  • Pricing Strategy Optimization
    Tailored research that is right-sized to meet your unique business needs by leveraging gold-standard pricing techniques.

  • Demand Forecasting
    Holistically assess your anticipated demand and access from patients, providers and payers to build a robust forecast that support your pricing strategy.

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