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Autism: Accept, Include and Celebrate

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, KJT’s SVP of Strategic Accounts, Christina Spizzirri, shares her thoughts on this complex, developmental condition:

“It can be challenging for those outside of the Autism community to understand the characteristics and differences for those who have been diagnosed with Autism.  Unlike Down’s Syndrome, Autism has no visually identifiable characteristics and no diagnostic medical tests.  While there are therapies to help Autistic people,  there is no cure for Autism. According to the Autism Society, ‘Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental condition…and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships and self-regulation.’

KJT’s  core values can help us better understand how we can have greater acceptance and inclusion of those who have been identified with Autism.

Balance: While those affected by Autism tend to be habitual, having balance in their daily lives is important as even small changes can greatly disrupt their routines – and when unexpected change happens it is hard for them to self-regulate their emotions.

Mutual Respect: It’s important to be even more mindful of showing respect as it may not be easily reciprocated by those affected by Autism.

Empowerment:  The Autism community is striving for everyone to live more fully, so there needs to be equal opportunities to ensure everyone can reach their full potential.

Empathy: When interacting with those who are identified with Autism, it’s not only important to understand the full perspective of any situation, we also need to have compassion and take the appropriate actions to help provide guidance.

Integrity: Not only must we ethically behave and communicate, we must advocate for Autisc people as they often will not possess the cognitive ability to stand up for themselves.

Mindfulness: It’s not easy to relate and connect with those affected by Autism as many live in their own separate worlds. As humans we need to be even more aware of our cognitive ability to understand their differences and accept them.

Ever Better:  Despite the differences of those identified with Autism, there needs to be more inclusive places and spaces where these unique individuals can find continuous positive growth.

At KJT, we believe everyone’s uniqueness should not only be accepted and included, but celebrated as well!”