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Amy Allen Celebrates 14 Years with KJT

KJT’s Vice President of Qualitative Research, Amy Allen, was one of KJT’s first four employees back in 2007 when the company was founded. This month, she celebrates her 14th year with the company. Please join us in thanking Amy for her many years of contributions and dedication to KJT! Read on to find out more about Amy and her KJT journey:

Education and Early Career: “I grew up in Buffalo and attended SUNY Geneseo for my BS in Biology. I graduated with my MS in Molecular Biology from UT Knoxville doing biowarfare research for detecting anthrax. I also spent several years as a bench scientist in an academic oncology research lab before joining KJT.”

What Brought Amy to KJT: “KJT is in my blood, literally. My older brother, Ken Tomaszewski, is the founder of the company. He offered me the opportunity to be KJT’s in-house survey programmer for this budding, new company, which also allowed me to work from a home office and keep my infant son home with me.”

Something People Might Not Know About Amy: “Nature is my happy place. I love to hike, kayak and sleep out under the stars. I’m not afraid of dirt or hard work. I dream of someday living on a commune with shared goals of like individuals, where people contribute to the responsibilities of running a community, each promoting growth and success. I would of course be the chicken farmer, and possibly the goat herder. I perhaps should have grown up in the 60s!”

From the Team: “Amy is one of KJT’s longest-standing employees, who has been here from the very beginning. She came on board to help with survey programming and has since evolved into one of the company’s top leaders, helping staff and customers alike produce the highest quality work and outcomes. I’m proud to call her my colleague and friend – and thank her for taking this journey alongside us and building the company up to what it is today,” Lynn Clement, EVP of Strategic Research Services.