At KJT Group, we have a highly qualified team of healthcare research professionals that enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience through our webinars.  With topics ranging from marketing and research, to healthcare trends and product development, there is something for everyone.

Role of Non-Physician Providers in Market Research

The use of non-physician providers is likely to continue to expand and play an increasingly critical role in the US […]

An Overview of the Principles of Epidemiology and Application in Market Research

As the US healthcare delivery system shifts toward applying “population based” approaches to care, it is very important for market […]

Design Thinking

A brief introduction to design thinking: a powerful set of problem-solving principles that diverse people can apply to a wide […]

Ethnographic Techniques for Obtaining Deep Customer Insights: Comparing Insights Garnered Online and In-person

Learn how online ethnography combines traditional qualitative immersion with various projective techniques to fully explore consumer behavior. In comparison to […]

Understanding Patient Flow

In light of the changes in healthcare reform, healthcare systems and providers are being ever more conscious of managing patient […]

Are You Getting All You Can From Conjoint Studies?

There is wide variation in the relevance and usability of insights generated from conjoint analysis. In this webinar, we’ll briefly […]

Aging and Caregiving in the US

Seniors represent the fastest growing demographic market in the US for healthcare services. Over the past several years, KJT Group […]

Transforming New Product Development Using Market Research Techniques

It’s easy to understand that new products must meet customer needs to be successful. Identifying unmet needs is often the […]

Considerations in Conducting Cardiovascular Market Research

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US and the third leading cause of years of potential […]