At KJT Group, we have a highly qualified team of healthcare research professionals that enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience through our webinars.  With topics ranging from marketing and research, to healthcare trends and product development, there is something for everyone.

Generating Insights Through Immersion with Hard to Reach Populations

Have you ever had difficulty capturing feedback from your target population? This webinar will explore the role of online ethnography […]

Doing More with Less: Maximizing the Use of Limited Research Dollars to Identify Actionable Insights

Market research is an essential component of business strategy, and can provide a competitive advantage when used to improve decision-making. […]

Healthcare Reform and the Presidential Election

Join us for this special edition healthcare reform update where we will focus on the Presidential election and how both […]

Biases in Market Research and How to Correct for Them

Our job often includes collecting evidence to answer a particular business question using survey or interview data. Several types of […]

Design Thinking

A brief introduction to design thinking: a powerful set of problem-solving principles that diverse people can apply to a wide […]

An Overview of the Principles of Epidemiology and Application in Market Research

As the US healthcare delivery system shifts toward applying “population based” approaches to care, it is very important for market […]

Healthcare Reform Update

Join us for this quarterly update where we discuss the ever changing US healthcare delivery and reimbursement system. We will […]

Are You Getting All You Can From Conjoint Studies?

There is wide variation in the relevance and usability of insights generated from conjoint analysis. In this webinar, we’ll briefly […]

Leveraging Market Research to Optimize New Product and Service Development

New product and new service development is critical to the long-term success of any business. From idea generation to promotion/marketing, […]