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Market Dynamics Management and Customer Satisfaction

Market Dynamics Management, or MDM, provides a comprehensive, closed-loop framework for quantifying and managing a brand’s competitive performance.  This research […]

Healthcare Reform (Insights from the LightSource Poll)

Although ACA repeal did not happen in 2017, the repeal of the individual mandate through the December tax bill has […]

Health Facility Purchasing Process Considerations in Response to Shifting Healthcare Delivery Models

With increased formation of health systems and networks, the Affordable Care Act, and shrinking budgets, manufacturers are navigating increasingly complex […]

Six Degrees of Segmentation

The primary goal of segmentation is to help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through better understanding of customers and […]

Standing Out in a Crowded, Quickly Evolving Environment: Roadmap to Publication

With increased competition among the ever growing and crowded healthcare marketplace, there is an emergent need for pharmaceutical companies to […]

Research for Small Markets and Samples: Approaches to Design and Analysis

Shifts in models of healthcare delivery from evidence-based approaches to patient-centered approaches have highlighted the need for increased attention on […]

Healthcare Reform Update, Part 2

In our last health care reform update, we examined the new administration’s seven campaign planks and the expectations for each […]

Healthcare Reform

President Elect Trump has made seven points of expected reform once he takes office (donaldjtrump.com/positions/healthcare-reform). These are summarized as: 1) […]

Healthcare Pricing Research: Considerations and Techniques

Pricing is often called an art rather than a science. However, it is important to understand prospective buyers’ and influencers’ […]