How we can help your business

While every KJT client is unique, they typically need the same fundamental thing: evidence to make better business decisions. With KJT, you get the data-driven insights and recommendations you need to inform everything from identifying new market opportunities to growth planning.

KJT helps clients at every stage of the product life cycle:

Identify Opportunities

  • Market assessment
  • Exploratory research
  • Voice of customer
  • Unmet needs/ Gap analysis
  • Product development


Strategy Development and Tactical Testing

  • Product testing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Exploratory positioning/pricing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Product launch strategy development
  • Product positioning & messaging


Refine Strategy Through Tactical Evaluation

  • Launch evaluation
  • Public release
  • Sales dynamics
  • Product satisfaction
  • Segmentation
  • Strategy assessment


Product Optimization

  • Launch evaluation
  • Satisfaction/loyalty
  • Strategy assessment
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Public release


New Opportunities

  • Voice of customer & unmet needs
  • Re-positioning
  • New product ideation
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Public release


Questions we help answer along the way

What is the market situation today? What size and shape is it? Who plays in it?
What are the unmet needs in the market? How do they vary and how can we differentiate these to our advantage?
What product/service should I develop? What can I expect to happen once marketed?
How can I best promote my product/service? How will it vary by system level?
Now that we are selling, how do we optimize the lifecycle return?


KJT has assembled a highly qualified and diverse team of experts, representing a deep knowledge base across a range of services and therapeutic areas. We provide innovative, flexible solutions, whether you need quantitative or qualitative research, KJT has got you covered.

Our Quantitative expertise includes:

  • Complex Choice Modeling
    Modeling the decision process of an individual or segment via revealed or stated preferences.

  • Pricing
    Guiding organizations on how to best price their products or solutions to optimize revenue and profit margin.

  • Segmentation
    Finding distinct and actionable segments for our clients to target through the exploration of demographics, attitudes, brand affinity, product usage unmet needs and benefits sought to optimize sales and marketing efforts.

  • Market Sizing
    Estimating the potential of a market to inform clients’ evaluation of business opportunities.

  • Forecasting
    Providing evidence-based insights to help guide business projections and strategy.

  • Multiple Decision Maker Modeling
    Modeling purchasing decisions where the decision-maker has several – usually conflicting – objectives.

  • Regression & Multivariate Analysis
    Analyze correlations and trends in the data to explain variation in key output metrics such as likelihood to recommend, likelihood of purchase, product utilization, prescribing habits, etc.

  • Correspondence Analysis
    Through statistical analysis, simplifies the process of analyzing multivariate brand/product data tables by uncovering and highlighting areas of relative strength and weakness.

  • Opportunity Potential Analysis
    Assessing unmet needs in a market to drive product development or positioning decisions.

Our Qualitative approaches are intended to better understand your customers, their decision drivers, motivations and unmet needs using the following approaches:

  • Online Bulletin Boards
    A virtual focus group to qualitatively explore a client’s key business question through interactive discussion among participants and a moderator.

  • In-Depth Interviews
    Garnering extremely valuable qualitative insights via a skilled healthcare focused interviewer leveraging client and respondent friendly technology platforms optimized to better connect with the respondent.

  • Focus Groups
    When building consensus is critical to your business objectives, a skilled healthcare focused interviewer, will lead a in-person or virtual group to reveal deep insights to inform your business decisions.

  • Ethnography
    Helping companies understand the consumer in terms of cultural trends, lifestyle factors, attitudes and how social context influences product selection, usage and overall experience.

  • HCP/Patient Dialogue Research
    Leveraging an innovative, IRB approved approach, gain access to the patient/physician conversation like never before through our in-office recording research. Paired with post-visit patient diaries and follow-up interviews with participating HCPs we offer a 360 degree view of the in-office visit.

Introducing Consensus-IQ! Productive collaboration fueled by our expert facilitators and technology.

We are experts at helping you get the most out of your valuable time together with your colleagues and other stakeholders. A key feature that makes our approach with Consensus-IQ most impactful is that participants can provide feedback anonymously, which helps you gain better consensus unfettered by hierarchy and strong personalities that can derail collaboration.

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