July 2017

Posted by: KJT Group on 7/7/2017

We hope you enjoy July's Insight Brief.  This month features:

  • Value of Public Release Research - Rebecca Hahn
  • Ready, Aim, Measure - Dan Wasserman
  • Designing Research for Segmentation - Chris Claeys
Tags: Segmentation | Market Research | KJT Group

December 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 12/5/2016

We hope you enjoy our December issue of Insight Brief. This month features:

  • Buying Process and Purchase Decision Making - Marite Talbergs
  • 2016 PMRG Institute: Where Great Minds Meet - Lynn Clement
  • Consumer Behavior and Attitudinal Segmentation - Troy Allen
Tags: Market Research | Segmentation

January 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 1/6/2015

In our January issue of Insight Brief:

  • Applying Insight by Design Principles to Optimize Segmentation Success - Michaela Gascon
  • Direct Mail Response Rates - Michael Mooney
  • Patient Centricity: Including Patients in Your 2015 Research Agenda - Tom Richardson
Tags: Insight by Design | Segmentation | Healthcare Reform