November 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 10/31/2016

In November's issue of Insight Brief:

  • The Benefits of Online Bulletin Boards - Tim Brewer
  • Sampling 101: Cost vs. Speed vs. Representation
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May 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 5/9/2016

We hope you enjoy the May issue of Insight Brief

  • PMRG Connect: The Convergence of Art & Science in Marketing Research - Michaela Gascon
  • Time and Motion Studies: Building Evidence - Coty Reisdorf
  • Qualitative Research - Which Method to Choose? - Clare Murphy
Tags: Market Research | Qualitative

April 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 4/4/2016

April's issue of Insight Brief features:

  • A Lesson for Forecasters from the 2016 Michigan Democratic Primary - Craig Radley
  • Key Considerations for Publically Releasing Survey Data - Alex Castello
  • Qual vs Quant – Which Method to Choose? - Elizaveta Letoshko
Tags: Market Research | Qualitative | Quantitative

July 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 7/7/2015

In July's Insight Brief:

  • Optimizing the Research Partner/Client Relationship - Lynn Clement
  • The Market Research Continuum - Craig Radley
  • Ethnographies in Market Research - Sara Ruffner
Tags: Market Research | Qualitative

June 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 6/2/2015

Check out our June issue of Insight Brief:

  • Digital Health and the Changing Healthcare Landscape - Clare Murphy
  • Using Secondary Data to Answer Your Business Questions - Jessica Spilman
  • Consensus Building Through Strategic Learning Sessions - Tim Brewer
Tags: Healthcare Reform | Qualitative

April 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 4/7/2015

Take a moment to read our April issue of Insight Brief.  This month features:

  • The Impact of CVS MinuteClinics - Kevin Pond
  • The Use of Focus Groups in Healthcare Research - Marite Talbergs
  • A Fresh Approach to Discussion from PMRG CONNECT 2015 - Michaela Gascon
Tags: Market Research | Qualitative