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Getting to the Heart of Customer Behavior

Posted by: Amy Allen and Stuart O'Connell on 12/4/2019

In this webinar, Amy Allen and Stuart O'Connell discuss how using a behavioral model can help understand the influences of customer behavior.

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Six Degrees of Segmentation

Posted by: Michelle Soto, Craig Radley on 9/21/2017

The primary goal of segmentation is to help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through better understanding of customers and markets. There are many approaches to segmentation but which one is right for you? You have the results but now what? During this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss different types of segmentation studies and when to use each one, with case studies and examples
  • Cover best practices from project initiation to implementation to bring the segments to life and socialize them throughout your organization
  • Introduce our proprietary web-based tool, SegmentThis, that allows us to seamlessly integrate your segmentation into your sales database

Our goal is to work collaboratively to optimize your return on investment and make your segmentation a success!

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Standing Out in a Crowded, Quickly Evolving Environment: Roadmap to Publication

Posted by: Lynn Clement, Rebecca Hahn on 7/20/2017

With increased competition among the ever growing and crowded healthcare marketplace, there is an emergent need for pharmaceutical companies to stand out and be seen as thought leaders within therapeutic areas and/or healthcare systems. Conducting market research studies for peer reviewed publication or public release is one way for companies to be viewed as thought leaders or influence HCP decision-making. But this type of research requires a special expertise. At KJT Group, we have conducted dozens of client-sponsored studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. In this webinar we will share our experiences and best practices as a step-by-step roadmap.

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Research for Small Markets and Samples: Approaches to Design and Analysis

Posted by: Chris Claeys on 4/14/2017

Shifts in models of healthcare delivery from evidence-based approaches to patient-centered approaches have highlighted the need for increased attention on the smaller populations of heterogeneous healthcare markets. Consequently, the number of specialized products being developed is growing and manufacturers’ market research needs, from a patient population perspective, are becoming narrower. As the relevant population sizes for research studies decreases so do sample sizes and we are forced, as market research professionals, to reevaluate our quantitative survey design and analytical methods to ensure robust data capture and analysis. This webinar will focus on how we can rethink traditional approaches on both ends (design and analysis) in order to meet these challenging objectives while still providing detailed and actionable insights. There will be high level discussion of approaches to survey design, tradeoffs in methodologies, and detailed discussion of concrete examples throughout.

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Tags: Market Research | Research Design

Doing More with Less: Maximizing the Use of Limited Research Dollars to Identify Actionable Insights

Posted by: Alex Castello, Stuart O'Connell on 7/21/2016

Market research is an essential component of business strategy, and can provide a competitive advantage when used to improve decision-making. Though research budgets are shrinking, the need for informed decision making persists. Thus, market researchers are facing a challenge of doing more with less. In this webinar, we will showcase several approaches to help researchers maximize budgets such as: online ethnography, conducting meta-analysis, as well as using Strategic Learning Sessions as a replacement for traditional focus groups.

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Biases in Market Research and How to Correct for Them

Posted by: Michaela Gascon, Jessica Spilman on 6/16/2016

Our job often includes collecting evidence to answer a particular business question using survey or interview data. Several types of bias are inherent in market research studies. In order to minimize their negative impact, we must first know what they are. In this webinar, we will examine common biases from market research studies and discuss techniques for preventing and correcting. Minimizing these biases ensures data are informative so you can be confident in results and recommendations.

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