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Market Dynamics Management and Customer Satisfaction

Posted by: Ken Tomaszewski, Lynn Clement on 3/1/2018

Market Dynamics Management, or MDM, provides a comprehensive, closed-loop framework for quantifying and managing a brand’s competitive performance.  This research and analytic method provides actionable insights by systematically assessing and prioritizing actions across the entire marketing and sales processes.  Whether through a tracking system or overall market assessment, if you are in a position to streamline and optimize the marketing and sales process, then this webinar is one you should not miss!  Join our company CEO and President, Kenneth Tomaszewski, and President of Global Research, Lynn Clement, as they provide an overview of this approach. 

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Healthcare Reform (Insights from the LightSource Poll)

Posted by: Ken Tomaszewski, Rebecca Hahn on 1/18/2018

Although ACA repeal did not happen in 2017, the repeal of the individual mandate through the December tax bill has important implications for individual insurance markets, federal subsidies and risk pools.  We will provide an overview of where health care reform stands as of January 2018, implications for the health services market, as well as provide findings on health care reform from the past two waves of the Light Source poll.

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Health Facility Purchasing Process Considerations in Response to Shifting Healthcare Delivery Models

Posted by: Jessica Spilman, Stuart O'Connell on 10/26/2017

With increased formation of health systems and networks, the Affordable Care Act, and shrinking budgets, manufacturers are navigating increasingly complex and varied purchase decision processes within healthcare delivery facilities. This webinar will shed light on how products and services are evaluated, and we will share methodological considerations when conducting market research among purchasers, influencers, and users.

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Six Degrees of Segmentation

Posted by: Michelle Soto, Craig Radley on 9/21/2017

The primary goal of segmentation is to help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through better understanding of customers and markets. There are many approaches to segmentation but which one is right for you? You have the results but now what? During this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss different types of segmentation studies and when to use each one, with case studies and examples
  • Cover best practices from project initiation to implementation to bring the segments to life and socialize them throughout your organization
  • Introduce our proprietary web-based tool, SegmentThis, that allows us to seamlessly integrate your segmentation into your sales database

Our goal is to work collaboratively to optimize your return on investment and make your segmentation a success!

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Standing Out in a Crowded, Quickly Evolving Environment: Roadmap to Publication

Posted by: Lynn Clement, Rebecca Hahn on 7/20/2017

With increased competition among the ever growing and crowded healthcare marketplace, there is an emergent need for pharmaceutical companies to stand out and be seen as thought leaders within therapeutic areas and/or healthcare systems. Conducting market research studies for peer reviewed publication or public release is one way for companies to be viewed as thought leaders or influence HCP decision-making. But this type of research requires a special expertise. At KJT Group, we have conducted dozens of client-sponsored studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. In this webinar we will share our experiences and best practices as a step-by-step roadmap.

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Healthcare Reform

Posted by: Kenneth Tomaszewski on 1/26/2017

President Elect Trump has made seven points of expected reform once he takes office (donaldjtrump.com/positions/healthcare-reform). These are summarized as: 1) repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” 2) allow cross-state health insurance sales, 3) allow full tax deductions for health insurance premiums, 4) broaden Health Savings Account (HSA) permissibility and protections, 5) require health service provider price transparency, 6) block-grant Medicaid to states, and 7) remove barriers to pharmaceutical market entrants. This webinar will review these seven points, with a particular focus on numbers 1, 5 and 7, and provide high level expected market research impact for the pharmaceutical, medical device and insurance markets.

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