Spring 2019

Posted by: KJT Group on 6/3/2019

This Spring's issue of Insight Brief contains best practices for combining multiple data sources including:

  • Integrating Data Through Mixed and Multi- Methods Research - Julia Maier
  • Integrating Multiple Data Streams to Achieve Your Research Goals - Jonny Davis
  • Chart Audit Studies: Physician Opinion Combined with Real Patient Data - Chris Claeys and Michelle Soto
Tags: KJT Group | Market Research | Data

Winter 2019

Posted by: KJT Group on 2/20/2019

This Winter's issue of Insight Brief is the Rare Disease Edition with content featuring:

  • What is Patient Journey? - Michelle Soto & Amy Allen
  • Anecdotes versus Evidence: Validating the Diagnosis Process - Michaela Gascon & Jessica Spilman 
  • Quantitative Research for Small Markets and Samples - Chris Claeys
  • Rare Diseases Require Rare Recruiting Methods - Ty Lantz-Subtelny
  • Where's Waldo? Identifying KOLs to Make an Impact - Lynn Clement & Craig Radley
Tags: KJT Group | Market Research | Rare Disease

Fall 2018

Posted by: KJT Group on 11/12/2018

This Fall's issue of Insight Brief is the Gastroenterology Edition with content featuring:

  • The New Market Segmentation: Increasing Treatment Duration Through Market Interventions - Craig Radley
  • Leveraging Virtual Voice-Response Interviews for Diabetes Panel Concept Testing - Jessica Spilman & Corinne Shanahan
  • The Current State of Diabetes: Reflections from the ADA’s Annual Conference - Rebecca Hahn
  • Using Allocation Exercises to Inform Clinical Trial Design - Jonny Davis
  • Looking for Value Below the Surface: Diabetes Management within Long-Term Care - Dan Wasserman
Tags: KJT Group | Market Research | Gastroenterology

Summer 2018

Posted by: KJT Group on 8/1/2018

New Product Development is the theme of this Summer's issue of Insight Brief with content featuring:

  • Win "The Price is Right" with Payers - Lynn Clement
  • You're Ready for Product Launch - Is the Market? - Rebecca Hahn
  • Individual vs. Account-based Segmentation - Chris Claeys
  • Keep a Constant Finger on Your Customers' Pulse - Alex Castello
  • Filling the Gaps: Using Your Customers' Unmet Needs to Develop a Highly Desirable Product - Amy Allen
Tags: KJT Group | Market Research | New Product Development

Spring 2018

Posted by: KJT Group on 5/2/2018

Global Market Research is the theme of this Spring's issue of Insight Brief with content featuring:

  • Which Countries Should I Sample? - Jess Spilman
  • Varying Use of Response Scales, Globally - Chris Claeys
  • Hot Topics in International Market Research Compliance: Implementing the GDPR - Dan Wasserman
  • Ten Tips for Effectively Leading Large, Global Market Research Projects - Craig Radley
  • Navigating Global Fieldwork Suppliers - Michaela Gascon
Tags: KJT Group | Market Research | Global Research

March 2018

Posted by: KJT Group on 3/5/2018

March's issue of Insight Brief features:

  • What to Expect from Amazon's New Healthcare Venture - Tim Brewer
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Tailored Research for All Thinking Styles - Amy Allen
  • The KJT Group Research Panel and What it Means for YOU! - Brian Bair
Tags: KJT Group | Healthcare | Market Research