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Getting to the Heart of Customer Behavior

Posted by: Amy Allen and Stuart O'Connell on 12/4/2019

In this webinar, Amy Allen and Stuart O'Connell discuss how using a behavioral model can help understand the influences of customer behavior.

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Tags: KJT Group | Market Research | Consumer Behavior

Specialty Pharmacy Trends

Posted by: Amy Allen on 10/22/2019

The healthcare system is shifting in its pharmaceutical delivery model, with more targeted, high dollar therapies procured through specialty pharmacy. This shift has led to unmet needs in the space, and an opportunity for our pharmaceutical partners to deliver more value add services to patients, hospitals and health care providers. To shed some light on these market trends and how health systems are responding, we talked with Curtis Haas, who is the Director of Pharmacy for the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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Tags: KJT Group | Specialty Pharmacy | Pharmaceuticals

State of US Healthcare Market Research

Posted by: Dan Wasserman, Jen Hall on 8/20/2019

Welcome to our webinar where we are going to discuss the state of conducting healthcare market research in the United States! There's a number of exciting changes on the horizon, but we also wanted to focus on the challenges we're seeing and what we can do as research suppliers and buyers to mitigate and combat them. Hope you enjoy!

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Tags: KJT Group | Healthcare Market Research | United States

Using Ethnography to Get to the Heart of HCP Prescribing

Posted by: Amy Allen, Alex Castello on 10/17/2018

Utilizing ethnography in market research can lead to rich insights to address your business objectives. Traditionally, this approach is most often utilized with patients. Yet, traditional qualitative methods can fall short when it comes to getting to the core attitudes and emotions that truly drive HCP behavior. Join us for a webinar on October 17th where we will discuss how to use ethnography with HCPs to uncover the insights that will answer the golden question – how do I impact HCPs’ prescribing behavior?

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Tags: KJT Group | Ethnography | Healthcare

Conducting Research for Public Release: How Unbranded Research can Help your Brand and Organization

Posted by: Rick Johnson, Rebecca Hahn on 9/19/2018

As pharmaceutical and medical device companies strive to stand out in a growing and crowded healthcare marketplace, conducting unbranded research can serve to position companies as thought leaders, increase awareness about unmet needs, or influence HCP decision-making. In this webinar we will highlight case studies of research for public release to demonstrate how these types of studies can benefit organizations at any stage of product development.

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Tags: KJT Group | Public Release Research | Healthcare

5 Common Pitfalls When Conducting Forecasting Research and Strategies to Avoid Them

Posted by: Lynn Clement, Chris Claeys on 8/30/2018

In the world of market research, studies centered on the development of a forecast model are the most complex. Not only do these engagements require a high degree of planning and preparation considering the structure of the model, they also require an equally high degree of project management to ensure organizational buy-in before, during, and after the research is completed. Join our President of Global Research, Lynn Clement and Senior Analytics Director, Chris Claeys, as they discuss five common pitfalls of conducting forecasting research and useful strategies to avoid or otherwise mitigate them.

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