Integrating Data Through Mixed and Multi-Methods Research

Posted by: Julia Maier on 6/25/2019


Research using a single method is quicker and more cost effective than using multiple methods. Unfortunately, a single-method design can be akin to a single blind man attempting to identify an elephant: it can be unable to capture the full picture and limits the insights that can be derived. KJT Group often recommends mixed methods and multi-methods research to obtain data via multiple sources to provide a more reliable insight narrative. Read the full post to learn more!

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It’s Not Just About If You Like It: A Reasoned Action Approach to Predicting Consumer Behavior

Posted by: Julie Maier on 4/23/2019

Presentation Presented at Quirks Chicago, April 2, 2019

Market research often takes a hedonic approach to understanding and predicting consumer behavior: the more people like something, the more likely they are to purchase it.  Research methods that follow this assumption are simple: to predict the likelihood of purchase, measure how much they like it. Some market research recognizes that real-world barriers exist so incorporate questions to discover these.  Despite the appeal of such a simple approach, it does not capture the complexities of the attitude-behavior link that best predict specific behaviors.

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Where’s Waldo? Identifying KOLs to Make an Impact

Posted by: Lynn Clement on 4/17/2019

In the healthcare industry, we’re privileged to work alongside some of the brightest and most driven individuals in the world. The top voices in a medical field function as a trusted source of information to their peers as well as to those bringing new medical interventions to market.

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Insights from Psychology: Simple Symbols Can Influence Evaluations

Posted by: Julie Maier on 4/15/2019

When it comes to capturing honest, representative information from respondents about their attitudes, their behaviors, and their feelings, even the smallest of things can risk skewing the results. 

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Filling the Gaps: Using Your Customers’ Unmet Needs to Develop a Highly Desirable Product

Posted by: Amy Allen on 10/24/2018

In an ever-evolving landscape, manufacturers are developing “new” products and solutions across many therapeutic areas. The key to market acceptance is differentiation, and as cost pressures increase, the receptivity towards new formulations or other line extensions with limited clinical and economic benefit is waning.  To ensure your product hits home with your customers, consider understanding their needs and how your product may fill that gap.

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Keep a Constant Finger on Your Customers’ Pulse

Posted by: Alex Castello on 10/9/2018

Published by Quirk's Media on October 10th, 2018

Understanding the competitive dynamics of your market, as well as your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, are critically important - not just for gauging your current performance, but also for understanding how to improve your performance and identify early warning signs of an issue. A measurement and tracking system must be put in place to do this effectively. Once you’ve figured out what to ask, who to sample, and how to sample them, there is one more question to answer: when (and how often) should you utilize your measurement and tracking system?

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