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Generating Insights Through Immersion with Hard to Reach Populations

Posted by: Michaela Gascon, Amy Allen on 8/27/2015

Have you ever had difficulty capturing feedback from your target population? This webinar will explore the role of online ethnography in creating a mutually beneficial research experience for both you and your target audience. KJT Group has experience conducting online ethnographies over the past eight years with a range of hard to reach populations. Join us to learn when this unique methodology can be used to answer critical business objectives.

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Tags: Market Research | Qualitative

Healthcare Reform Update

Posted by: Tom Richardson on 8/20/2015

Join us for this quarterly update where we discuss the ever changing US healthcare delivery and reimbursement system. We will examine issues impacting providers, patients, payers and health systems. We will report on the migration from fee for service to value based payment mechanisms and progress toward developing population health and coordinated care delivery models.

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Tags: Healthcare Reform
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How Low Can We Go: Making Meaningful Inferences from Small Samples

Posted by: Michaela Gascon, Jessica Spilman on 7/13/2015

The advent of online research, in particular, online panels, promised to make very large samples affordable. Alas—while online panels have driven down CPI, small samples are commonplace, especially for B2B and healthcare research. In this webinar we share the results of an experiment we conducted to explore the impact of small samples on our ability to make inferences that guide decision-making. We show what happens to the stability of a discrete choice model as sample size decreases from about 400 to as low as 25, and we show how applying Bayes’ rule can help us make better decisions using data from small samples.

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Tags: Market Research | Quantitative | Conjoint