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Using Ethnography to Get to the Heart of HCP Prescribing

Posted by: Amy Allen, Alex Castello on 10/17/2018

Utilizing ethnography in market research can lead to rich insights to address your business objectives. Traditionally, this approach is most often utilized with patients. Yet, traditional qualitative methods can fall short when it comes to getting to the core attitudes and emotions that truly drive HCP behavior. Join us for a webinar on October 17th where we will discuss how to use ethnography with HCPs to uncover the insights that will answer the golden question – how do I impact HCPs’ prescribing behavior?

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Conducting Research for Public Release: How Unbranded Research can Help your Brand and Organization

Posted by: Rick Johnson, Rebecca Hahn on 9/19/2018

As pharmaceutical and medical device companies strive to stand out in a growing and crowded healthcare marketplace, conducting unbranded research can serve to position companies as thought leaders, increase awareness about unmet needs, or influence HCP decision-making. In this webinar we will highlight case studies of research for public release to demonstrate how these types of studies can benefit organizations at any stage of product development.

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5 Common Pitfalls When Conducting Forecasting Research and Strategies to Avoid Them

Posted by: Lynn Clement, Chris Claeys on 8/30/2018

In the world of market research, studies centered on the development of a forecast model are the most complex. Not only do these engagements require a high degree of planning and preparation considering the structure of the model, they also require an equally high degree of project management to ensure organizational buy-in before, during, and after the research is completed. Join our President of Global Research, Lynn Clement and Senior Analytics Director, Chris Claeys, as they discuss five common pitfalls of conducting forecasting research and useful strategies to avoid or otherwise mitigate them.

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Measuring Preference, Not Your Grandad’s Conjoint Design!

Posted by: Ken Tomaszewski, Chris Claeys on 7/18/2018

In the healthcare industry, marketing and insights professionals have a lot riding on accurate preference measurement prior to product launch; however, the dynamics of this industry continue to shift with increased complexity in decision-making. It is no longer sufficient to measure physician preferences independent of patient and payer perspectives or to measure product benefits without specifying associated outcomes (clinical, economic or other). Join KJT Group's founder and CEO, Ken Tomaszewski, and Senior Analytics Director, Chris Claeys, as they discuss the progression we’re seeing in the healthcare industry with respect to preference focused market research studies. They will specifically address changes in both the types of problems being addressed and the methods being used to address them.

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Leveraging Design Thinking to Minimize Decision-making Uncertainty

Posted by: Michaela Gascon, Dan Wasserman on 6/6/2018

​Making business decisions is a tough as ever. As a brand, there are many things out of your control, but the one thing that is in your control is the process. The process, or the steps we take to solve the problems that face us, is always there. If we follow a well-designed process, we end up with better outcomes. At KJT Group, actionable insights is our product. We develop them through our Insight Assurance Process. Join us on June 6th, where we will talk more about how we embody Insight by Design, its origins in design thinking, and explain how similar processes and principles have been used in other industries to improve outcomes.

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Top Strategies for Successful Integration of your Customer Segmentation

Posted by: Michelle Soto, Craig Radley on 5/16/2018

Customer segmentations are an ambitious undertaking for any organization. They involve a wide range of stakeholders and require effective cross-functional collaboration to maximize ROI. Yet, with so much riding on a successful implementation, many segmentations fall short during the implementation phase. In this webinar, we will discuss top strategies for effectively planning your segmentation execution, involving and conciliating various stakeholders, rolling out your segments to the organization, and categorizing your customer targets.

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