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  Market Segmentation
Market segmentation is a method used to break up a heterogeneous market into smaller homogeneous sets that are maximally different from each other on relevant and actionable metrics.  
  The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Navigating the Complexities of Fair Market Value
Market research and sample partners are often forced to undertake complex recruits with declining or highly variable incentives due to Fair Market Value. What is the impact to the insights we gather? What is the impact to our industry overall? What can we do as an industry to protect our most valuable asset, and ensure the integrity of our data and insights?. 
  Insight by Design
Insight by Design is the application of design thinking principles to identify and communicate actionable insights. 
  Pricing Research
Understanding both the general and specific influence of price is fundamental for comprehensive strategic business planning. Pricing research can provide insights for many of the milestones along the way! 
  Advisory Boards and Strategic Learning Sessions
Professional Advisory Boards are a crucial way for a company to gather expert opinions in today's challenge environment. 
Choice-Based Conjoint is a powerful analytic tool that is used to answer critical business questions related to feature optimization, evaluating pricing and exploring changes in market share. 
  Correspondence Analysis
Correspondence Analysis allows us to provide deep insights into market definition and positioning. 
  Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction research focuses on customers’ perceptions of their purchase experience, providing insight into what drives purchasing behavior. 
Forecasting is a quantitative method that projects future sales volume and revenue trends as a function of one or more time dependent variables such as market access, awareness, or receptivity. 
Laddering is a systematic technique used to understand the relationship between sets of attributes, consequences, and personal values or goals with their respective decision making habits and behaviors. 
  Market Dynamics Management
Market Dynamics Management (MDM) provides a comprehensive, closed-loop framework for quantifying and managing a brand’s competitive performance. 
  Competitive Benchmarking System
Competitive benchmarking is a critical step to harnessing the full power of Market Dynamics Management (MDM).  
MaxDiff (best-worst scaling) provides critical insight into customer preferences.  
  Online Bulletin Boards
Numerous studies have found that remote methods, like telephone or online interviewing, can produce the same results as in-person research. These methods often save time and are more cost effective than traditional in-person approaches. 
  Online Ethnography
Online ethnography allows us to modify traditional ethnographic approaches in a highly customizable way. 
  Opportunity Potential Analysis
By focusing on customers’ desired outcomes from using a product or service and their current level of satisfaction in achieving those outcomes, Opportunity Potential Analysis provides a clear picture of the best opportunities for innovation. 
  Roadmap to Publication
Public release research can be a valuable tool in helping to position your organization as a thought leader and affect policy changes. It can also create media interest surrounding an important topic, raising awareness or setting the stage for a new product launch.  




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