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Jan. 17th   2-2:30PM   Healthcare Reform (Insights from the LightSource Poll)   Ken Tomaszewski, PhD, MS and Rebecca Hahn, MPH   Watch
Feb. 28th   2-2:30PM   Marketing Dynamics Management and Customer Satisfaction   Ken Tomaszewski, PhD, MS and Lynn Clement, MPH   Watch
May 16th   12-12:30PM   Top Strategies for Successful Integration of your Customer Segmentation   Michelle Soto, MS and Craig Radley   Watch
Jun. 6th   12-12:30PM   Leveraging Design Thinking to Minimize Decision-making Uncertainty   Michaela Gascon, MBA and Dan Wasserman   Watch
Jul. 18th   12-12:30PM   Measuring Preference, Not Your Grandad's Conjoint Design!   Ken Tomaszewski, PhD, MS and Chris Claeys, MSc   Watch
Aug. 30th   12-12:30PM   5 Common Pitfalls When Conducting Forecasting Research and Strategies to Avoid Them   Lynn Clement, MPH and Chris Claeys, MSc   Watch
Sep. 19th   12-12:30PM   Conducting Research for Public Release: How Unbranded Research can Help your Brand and Organization   Rick Johnson and Rebecca Hahn, MPH   Watch
Oct. 17th   12-12:30PM   Using Ethnography to Get to the Heart of HCP Prescribing   Amy Allen, MS and Alex Castello, MBA   Register






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