Case Study: Brand Perception Research using Strategic Learning Sessions


We conducted two phases of qualitative research to help a medical device manufacturer better understand perceptions of its brand image. Research was conducted at three industry conferences in the United States.


Our client manufacturers a variety of medical devices used in the operating room (OR) or in the intensive care unit (ICU). They were interested in understanding physician perceptions of them, as a company, as well as identifying differences by product line.

The client’s specific research objectives were to:

  • Identify what trends existed in the market and what challenges/pain points existed
  • Explore perceptions of various manufacturers, specifically focused on our client
  • Describe what physicians look for from manufacturers

KJT Group conducted two phases of research:

  • An initial phase of in-person research was conducted at a physician conference. Respondents were recruited to complete one-on-one interviews as well as Strategic Learning Session (SLS) focus groups.
  • A second phase was commissioned to further explore differences by physician specialty. We used a similar SLS focus group format for interviews at two additional conferences.

As part of these SLSs, respondents were given iPads. They answered a mix of questions in group discussion and individually on the iPad. This allowed us to capture a plethora of information during a short period of time.


In total, more than 60 physicians were interviewed across the 3 conferences (4 main specialties).


We analyzed the results from the study collaboratively with our client, examining differences by product line and by physician specialty.

The SLS platform provided us with detailed electronic transcripts from the study. We used this feature to capture, and analyze, quantitative questions as part of this qualitative study.


The results of the study highlighted the changing dynamic for how purchase decisions for these products are made. This shift was not uniform but a consistent theme across all respondent groups.

We provided our client with a summary of how they were perceived with specific comparisons against three main competitors. These results showed our client as the leader in most performance categories, with notable exceptions in one key area. This one area is one possible explanation for low market share in some product lines.

Our client used these results to re-focus its core messaging and identified several areas requiring further exploration.


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