Market Research Case Studies


We would like to highlight a few research studies that demonstrate our market research experience. Please click the link to each one if you are interested in learning more.


Study Name   Description
COPD Product Profile Optimization Ahead of Phase III Trial   This study comprised a two-phase approach to identify interest and expected uptake of a new treatment in development for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The research was conducted across several key markets around the globe.
Brand Perception Research using Strategic Learning Sessions   We conducted two phases of qualitative research to help a medical device manufacturer better understand perceptions of its brand image. Research was conducted at three industry conferences in the United States.
Account-Based Segmentation   To better optimize our client's marketing and sales activity, we developed an account-level segmentation using results from a quantitative survey.
Enhancing the Physician & Patient Interaction   We completed a qualitative market research study demonstrating our use of online ethnography/bulletin boards with physicians and patients to address our clients' research objectives.
Brand Personality Exploration for Anti-Psychotic in Europe   We conducted qualitative research with patients and physicians in Europe to better understand how a brand could alter its image (and better connect with prescribers).




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