ClinicalVoice Community


Members of ClinicalVoice Community are directly involved in the decision-making of companies in the healthcare market as they develop/refine products and services. Panelists are clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals, spanning a multitude of specialties and roles within the U.S. healthcare system.

ClinicalVoice leverages its community members on a variety of research studies to provide expert input into topics that include:

ClinicalVoice matches community members to appropriate studies based on their experience and professional role.


About the ClinicalVoice Community

The community is for KJT Group research only (not used by a third party). We do not provide our members’ individual information to anyone, nor will we ever try to sell anything.

There are currently over 9,000 healthcare professionals from the U.S. within the community (increasing by ~20% each year). Clinical groups include:

ClinicalVoice retains a very close relationship with its members. Its Field Operations team constantly reviews member information and validates member information to ensure data validity. ClinicalVoice removes unresponsive members after 6 months of inactivity or when found to be providing fraudulent information.



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