KJT Group Rolls Out New Corporate Logo and Brand Positioning

Today, KJT Group Inc., announced the launch of its new company logo and tagline. KJT Group’s new corporate logo and tagline represents its evolution from a traditional market research company to a business consultancy focused on generating deeper business insights for clients in the healthcare, education and sustainability industries.

“Across the past five years, KJT Group has built a brand synonymous with the highest quality and most rigorous quantitative and qualitative research in the marketplace. We felt it was time for an update, mirroring the value of our evidence-based approaches. The new logo is more modern and has a bit of an international flare, reflecting our increasing global presence” says Thomas M. Richardson, PhD, KJT Group’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Our old tagline was ‘When Results Matter’ and this has been our driving force behind all of our engagements. The new tagline ‘Insight By Design’ signifies our continued repositioning to a consultancy, and overall approach of design-based thinking. By consistently delivering unmatched levels of quality and service to our clients we are now engaged at a much higher level with helping guide our partners business strategies and marketing initiatives rather than just conducting the research” says KJT Group President and Founder Dr. Kenneth J. Tomaszewski, PhD, MS.

The “O” symbol in KJT Group denotes KJT’s analytic or “evidence-based consulting approach” (bar chart) as well as its comprehensive offerings, global business reach and focus on continuous improvement and growth (outside circle with an arrow).