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KJT’s Rising Stars

One clear indicator of a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company is the quality of its early-career talent pool – as well as the company’s ability to grow these young professionals into the next generation of future insights leaders.

This year, KJT was proud to nominate four of its future leaders to the Greenbook Future List, which recognizes leadership, personal integrity and a passion for excellence in the first 10 years of a researcher’s career.

It is our privilege to highlight these talented future leaders Paul Durlak, Nick Henderson, Mike Lionetti and Paige Pray. Read on to see what their managers say about these rising stars at KJT!

Paul Durlak, Qualitative Manager

“In the two short years that Paul has been conducting market research, he has shown a level of expertise typically seen in much more senior roles. Paul has translated his experience as a college professor into that of a skilled moderator, with an intuitive sense of when to probe a discussion and when to move on. In pursuit of his PhD, he gained the tools needed to design a comprehensive research report with a compelling narrative. Paul’s high social intelligence and calm presence make him a favorite contact to many clients.

Paul has consistently taken on the most challenging projects and always finds a way to get through the roadblocks that would derail others. He designs his research with the final report in mind, allowing him to provide his clients with insights supported by data. Paul quickly scaled the learning curve that all new researchers meet and is already mentoring others. And as each new project is assigned, Paul continues to grow.

Paul has been a powerful addition to my research team and carries more responsibility than most at his level. Paul is a rising star!”

Keith Schoonover, Vice President Research

Nick Henderson, Research Sr. Associate & Training Coordinator

“Demonstrating maturity and wisdom beyond his years, Nick is truly indispensable. He brings a ‘big picture’ perspective to each research engagement and uncovers insights that usually come only with considerable experience in the field. His knack for presentations and keen data visualization skills has earned trust and respect from clients and colleagues alike, making him an integral part of several high-profile client relationships.

Nick consistently ensures that everyone around him has been set up for success, and because of this genuine thoughtfulness and ambition he’s been promoted three times over the past two years. He’s received four peer nominated awards plus KJT’s annual ‘Team Player’ award, and in 360 reviews, colleagues recognize him for exemplifying all seven of our core values.

Nick has a truly authentic desire to help others. Through his new hybrid researcher/training coordinator role, Nick has been honing his leadership and training skills while continuing to delight his clients. He can take an idea and intuitively add his own magic to it so that the final product is better than anyone expected. His contributions to our training program have become essential in promoting the professional growth of both new and seasoned researchers.”

Andrea Stoltz, Vice President Research

Mike Lionetti, Research Manager

“When I first interviewed Mike for an internship position in 2016, little did I know that we were about to hire a POWERHOUSE researcher. Mike is a rare hybrid researcher that excels in both qualitative and quantitative research. He does a masterful job juggling competing priorities and has risen in the ranks quickly at KJT. He has been promoted four times since he joined and continues to shift into another gear.

His crowning achievement to date was an experimental methodology that involved a behemoth global study to collect physician-patient dialogue and analyze these natural conversations. Mike was instrumental in the study design, project logistics, and analysis of these unstructured data, all while adhering to complex protocols. The client was so impressed by his poise, diligence, and analytical mind that they requested Mike to attend our in-person workshop in Europe with executive stakeholders.

Mike’s work has been routinely featured in publications and conference posters. Outside of the standard work, he plays an active role in vetting new interns, always participates in KJT volunteering events, and participates in a volleyball league with colleagues. Mike’s cultural impact is immeasurable. He is truly the unsung hero that all companies would love to have.”

Johan Mohd Sani, Vice President Research  

Paige Pray, Qualitative Manager

“Paige has demonstrated exceptional qualitative market research skills within the first two years of her time at KJT post graduate school.

She has become a trusted advisor for several of our clients at industry-leading medical device companies. They now rely on her specifically for her deep understanding of their business challenges and expertise in US hospital systems.

Paige is exceptionally knowledgeable and drives our organizations’ efforts in executing Personas research. Through a high-touch approach in working with her clients, she has executed two different Personas studies in the past year specific to 1) hospital executives and 2) IDN classifications to drive the client’s business development.

Her work on the Hospital Executives study led to several follow-up presentations reaching nearly 100 participants across the client’s global organization, alongside a professionally developed video she spear-headed to highlight the study’s actionable findings. Her work on IDN Classification resulted in a classification tool that is currently being implemented across a medical device company’s sales team, helping them drive strategically towards their sales and marketing efforts.

At the inception of her career, Paige has already demonstrated the essential qualities of a thoughtful and customer-focused researcher.”

Amy Allen, Vice President Qualitative