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Jonny Davis

Sr. Research Associate

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About Jonny Davis

Jonny Davis, MA has a hybrid analytics/research role at KJT Group. Jonny came to KJT Group in 2016 from academia, where he was a Visiting Instructor of Economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and an Adjunct Lecturer of Economics and Statistics at SUNY Geneseo. Jonny holds MAs in Economics (Syracuse University), Applied Economics (Illinois State University), and Theatre (Illinois State University). He has completed significant PhD level coursework in economics: a full sequence in micro theory, macro theory, and econometric theory, as well as courses in game theory, mechanism design, urban economics, and economic networks.

Throughout his academic and professional career, Jonny has specialized in applying economic theory and econometric analysis to unconventional topics including theatre and the arts. His dual discipline approach makes him an especially creative problem solver, able to connect seemingly disparate concepts in a cohesive and compelling way. His academic research includes heterogeneous preference modelling, economic impact analysis, hedonic modeling, economic network analysis, forecasting, and other topics using a wide variety of theoretical, econometric, and statistical modelling techniques. Jonny also has considerable theatre experience as an actor, dancer, singer, and dramaturg.