May 2017

Posted by: KJT Group on 5/1/2017

We hope you enjoy May's Insight Brief. This month features:

  • Introducing Apex Ops Group 
  • Healthcare Reform Update - Kenneth J. Tomaszewski 
  • Garnering Insights from Online Ethnography - Clare Murphy
Tags: Healthcare Reform | Ethnography

September 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 9/6/2016

We hope you enjoy September's Insight Brief featuring:

  • 2016 US Presidential Election: Impact on Healthcare Market Research - Tom Richardson
  • What is it Like to Work at a Research Company? - Dan Wasserman
  • Conjoint vs. Max Diff: What's the 'Diff'? - Jonny Davis
Tags: KJT Group | Healthcare Reform | Conjoint Analysis

February 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 2/1/2016

Please take a moment to read our February issue of Insight Brief:

  • Keeping up with Healthcare Reform - Tom Richardson
  • Maximizing Qual Research with Online Ethnography - Kelly Burns
  • Leveraging Existing Data in Market Research - Clare Murphy
Tags: Healthcare Reform | Online Ethnography | Market Research

October 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 10/5/2015

Our October issue of Insight Brief features:

  • Importance of Payer's Perspective - Tim Brewer
  • Access Perspectives - Market Access - Danielle Zammit
  • CMS Announces New Type of ACO - Kevin Pond
Tags: Access | Healthcare Reform

June 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 6/2/2015

Check out our June issue of Insight Brief:

  • Digital Health and the Changing Healthcare Landscape - Clare Murphy
  • Using Secondary Data to Answer Your Business Questions - Jessica Spilman
  • Consensus Building Through Strategic Learning Sessions - Tim Brewer
Tags: Healthcare Reform | Qualitative

May 2015

Posted by: KJT Group on 5/5/2015

In our May issue of Insight Brief:

  • Who Are You Talking To? - Ken Tomaszewski
  • Reimbursement and Pricing Policies for Devices in Europe - Eleni Menegatou
  • Integrating MR to Optimize Clinical Trial Design and Recruitment - Dan Wasserman
Tags: Healthcare Reform | Pricing | Market Research