February 2017

Posted by: KJT Group on 2/6/2017

In February's issue of Insight Brief:

  • Design Considerations for Research with Public Release, Part 2 - Coty Reisdorf
  • Power Analysis: What it Is and Why You Need It, Part 1 - Jonny Davis
  • Brand Impact: Blinded vs. Unblinded Market Research - Aaron Woods
Tags: Market Research | KJT Group
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January 2017

Posted by: KJ Tomaszewski on 1/9/2017

We hope you enjoy January's Insight Brief.  This month features:

  • Design Considerations for Research with Public Release, Part 1 - Coty Reisdorf
  • The African Dream: Future Land of Opportunity for Pharma - DJ Ilebani
  • The Science of Uncovering Insight - Dan Wasserman
Tags: Market Research | KJT Group | Insight by Design

December 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 12/5/2016

We hope you enjoy our December issue of Insight Brief. This month features:

  • Buying Process and Purchase Decision Making - Marite Talbergs
  • 2016 PMRG Institute: Where Great Minds Meet - Lynn Clement
  • Consumer Behavior and Attitudinal Segmentation - Troy Allen
Tags: Market Research | Segmentation

November 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 10/31/2016

In November's issue of Insight Brief:

  • The Benefits of Online Bulletin Boards - Tim Brewer
  • Sampling 101: Cost vs. Speed vs. Representation
Tags: KJT Group | Qualitative | Sampling

October 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 10/3/2016

Please take a moment to read our October issue of Insight Brief:

  • Knowledge Gaps in Symptoms and Side-Effects Experienced by Women - Tara Lukas
  • Maximizing Quantitative Data Quality - Ryan Smith
  • Service Design Thinking and Design Thinking - Michaela Gascon
Tags: KJT Group | Quantitative | Design Thinking

September 2016

Posted by: KJT Group on 9/6/2016

We hope you enjoy September's Insight Brief featuring:

  • 2016 US Presidential Election: Impact on Healthcare Market Research - Tom Richardson
  • What is it Like to Work at a Research Company? - Dan Wasserman
  • Conjoint vs. Max Diff: What's the 'Diff'? - Jonny Davis
Tags: KJT Group | Healthcare Reform | Conjoint Analysis