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Healthcare Reform Update

Posted by: Tom Richardson on 10/6/2016

Join us for this quarterly update where we discuss the ever changing US healthcare delivery and reimbursement system. We will examine issues impacting providers, patients, payers and health systems. We will report on the migration from fee for service to value based payment mechanisms and progress toward developing population health and coordinated care delivery models.

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Tags: Healthcare Reform

Generating Insights Through Immersion with Hard to Reach Populations

Posted by: Michaela Gascon on 9/15/2016

Have you ever had difficulty capturing feedback from your target population? This webinar will explore the role of online ethnography in creating a mutually beneficial research experience for both you and your target audience. KJT Group has experience conducting online ethnographies over the past eight years with a range of hard to reach populations. Join us to learn when this unique methodology can be used to answer critical business objectives.

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Tags: KJT Group | Online Ethnography | Qualitative

Doing More with Less: Maximizing the Use of Limited Research Dollars to Identify Actionable Insights

Posted by: Alex Castello, Stuart O'Connell on 7/21/2016

Market research is an essential component of business strategy, and can provide a competitive advantage when used to improve decision-making. Though research budgets are shrinking, the need for informed decision making persists. Thus, market researchers are facing a challenge of doing more with less. In this webinar, we will showcase several approaches to help researchers maximize budgets such as: online ethnography, conducting meta-analysis, as well as using Strategic Learning Sessions as a replacement for traditional focus groups.

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Tags: Market Research | Research Design

Healthcare Reform and the Presidential Election

Posted by: Tom Richardson on 6/30/2016

Join us for this special edition healthcare reform update where we will focus on the Presidential election and how both candidate’s view on healthcare reform could impact patients, payers, providers, and the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We will also explore specific implications for market researchers related to these changes.

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Tags: Healthcare Reform | KJT Group

Biases in Market Research and How to Correct for Them

Posted by: Michaela Gascon, Jessica Spilman on 6/16/2016

Our job often includes collecting evidence to answer a particular business question using survey or interview data. Several types of bias are inherent in market research studies. In order to minimize their negative impact, we must first know what they are. In this webinar, we will examine common biases from market research studies and discuss techniques for preventing and correcting. Minimizing these biases ensures data are informative so you can be confident in results and recommendations.

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Tags: Market Research

Design Thinking

Posted by: Ken Tomaszewski, Dan Wasserman on 5/19/2016

A brief introduction to design thinking: a powerful set of problem-solving principles that diverse people can apply to a wide range of problems. In this webinar, we’ll cover the basic principles of design thinking, provide an example showing how designers apply these principles to a specific problem, and show how design thinking applied to insight creation leads to greater insight and a better “insight experience.”

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Tags: KJT Group | Design Thinking | Insight by Design