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The 2013 INSIIGHT Benchmarking Survey: Key Findings and Implications for Pharma and Medical Device Executives

Posted by: Tom Richardson on 11/20/2013

KJT Group’s recent INSIIGHT (Independent National Survey of Insight Infrastructures Guiding Health-sciences Transformation) Study included over 120 respondents from 80 medical device/pharma and biotech companies. The main objective of the research was to characterize the current state of their “insight infrastructures” across the four organizational domains (Strategy, Structure, People and Process) in order to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement within the healthcare market research industry. In this webinar we will explore the findings of this study and the key insights gleaned from the research.

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Voice of the Customer 3.0: Applications and Pitfalls In the Biosciences

Posted by: Kenneth Tomaszewski on 10/30/2013

While the term “Voice of the Customer” is not new, from its inception the varied application from a research and implementation perspective has been fraught with issues. While something is usually better than nothing; that is not the case when we conduct misleading and biased studies. In this webinar we will focus on the fundamentals of VOC as well as the increasing importance of getting this right in the current, highly cost-sensitive environment.

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Understanding Patient Flow

Posted by: Tom Richardson, Amy Allen on 10/9/2013

In light of the changes in healthcare reform, healthcare systems and providers are being ever more conscious of managing patient flow in efforts to improve efficiency and their bottom line. It is increasingly important for pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to understand patient flow in order to identify opportunities for improvement that can be addressed by new technologies and pharmacotherapeutics. One approach to understanding these complex systems is through job mapping to fully elucidate the process and identify where gaps and unmet needs exist. In this webinar we will describe our approach to this research including advantages, drawbacks and analytic techniques used to identify the highest opportunities. A case study will be used to demonstrate this research methodology.

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