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Research for Small Markets and Samples: Approaches to Design and Analysis

Posted by: Chris Claeys on 4/14/2017

Shifts in models of healthcare delivery from evidence-based approaches to patient-centered approaches have highlighted the need for increased attention on the smaller populations of heterogeneous healthcare markets. Consequently, the number of specialized products being developed is growing and manufacturers’ market research needs, from a patient population perspective, are becoming narrower. As the relevant population sizes for research studies decreases so do sample sizes and we are forced, as market research professionals, to reevaluate our quantitative survey design and analytical methods to ensure robust data capture and analysis. This webinar will focus on how we can rethink traditional approaches on both ends (design and analysis) in order to meet these challenging objectives while still providing detailed and actionable insights. There will be high level discussion of approaches to survey design, tradeoffs in methodologies, and detailed discussion of concrete examples throughout.

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Tags: Market Research | Research Design

Healthcare Reform Update, Part 2

Posted by: Kenneth Tomaszewski on 3/23/2017

In our last health care reform update, we examined the new administration’s seven campaign planks and the expectations for each in 2017. We also discussed general reform trends, and it was clear that things were in flux! This webinar will provide current updates relative to those planks, focusing on the repeal/replace discussion and timing thereof. This is intended to provide high level expected impacts related to commercial and clinical research for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and insurance markets.

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Tags: Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform

Posted by: Kenneth Tomaszewski on 1/26/2017

President Elect Trump has made seven points of expected reform once he takes office (donaldjtrump.com/positions/healthcare-reform). These are summarized as: 1) repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” 2) allow cross-state health insurance sales, 3) allow full tax deductions for health insurance premiums, 4) broaden Health Savings Account (HSA) permissibility and protections, 5) require health service provider price transparency, 6) block-grant Medicaid to states, and 7) remove barriers to pharmaceutical market entrants. This webinar will review these seven points, with a particular focus on numbers 1, 5 and 7, and provide high level expected market research impact for the pharmaceutical, medical device and insurance markets.

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Tags: Healthcare Reform | KJT Group

Healthcare Pricing Research: Considerations and Techniques

Posted by: Marite Talbergs, Jessica Spilman on 11/4/2016

Pricing is often called an art rather than a science. However, it is important to understand prospective buyers’ and influencers’ price perceptions and how price perceptions impact willingness to buy. This seminar explores various techniques that can be used to examine (and even simulate) market reaction to price.

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Healthcare Reform Update

Posted by: Tom Richardson on 10/6/2016

Join us for this quarterly update where we discuss the ever changing US healthcare delivery and reimbursement system. We will examine issues impacting providers, patients, payers and health systems. We will report on the migration from fee for service to value based payment mechanisms and progress toward developing population health and coordinated care delivery models.

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Tags: Healthcare Reform

Generating Insights Through Immersion with Hard to Reach Populations

Posted by: Michaela Gascon on 9/15/2016

Have you ever had difficulty capturing feedback from your target population? This webinar will explore the role of online ethnography in creating a mutually beneficial research experience for both you and your target audience. KJT Group has experience conducting online ethnographies over the past eight years with a range of hard to reach populations. Join us to learn when this unique methodology can be used to answer critical business objectives.

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