Upcoming Webinars

We look forward to your participation in our 2017 webinars!


Standing Out in a Crowded, Quickly Evolving Environment: Roadmap to Publication
Presenters: Lynn Clement, MPH, Michelle Soto, MS
Date: July 20th at 12:00pm EST
Overview: With increased competition among the ever growing and crowded healthcare marketplace, there is an emergent need for pharmaceutical companies to stand out and be seen as thought leaders within therapeutic areas and/or healthcare systems. Conducting market research studies for peer reviewed publication or public release is one way for companies to be viewed as thought leaders or influence HCP decision-making. But this type of research requires a special expertise. At KJT Group, we have conducted dozens of client-sponsored studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. In this webinar we will share our experiences and best practices as a step-by-step roadmap.
Registration: https://kjtgroup.adobeconnect.com/e23k3ew4l13/event/registration.html

Health Facility Purchasing Process Considerations in Response to Shifting Healthcare Delivery Models
Presenters: Stuart O'Connell, Ty Lantz-Subtelny
Date: October 19th at 12:00pm EST
Overview: With increased formation of health systems and networks, the Affordable Care Act, and shrinking budgets, manufacturers are navigating increasingly complex and varied purchase decision processes within healthcare delivery facilities. This webinar will shed light on how products and services are evaluated, and we will share methodological considerations when conducting market research among purchasers, influencers, and users.
Registration: https://kjtgroup.adobeconnect.com/e6u23rhmjxn/event/registration.html